Lyon, France

Claude Bernard Lyon 1 is a university that provides teaching for 45,000 students a year in the fields of science and technology, health and sport.

Claude Bernard Lyon 1 is part of Université de Lyon, the most important French University site outside the Paris region.

Contact: Prof. Parisa Ghodous,


Athens, Greece

The key strength of EXELIA is its interdisciplinary team of researchers, analysts, project managers, financial and communication experts.

EXELIA develops and deploys innovative approaches for research, interregional cooperation and training. The company coordinates and drafts EU funded research project proposals, and further develops research results & prototypes into innovative products & services for its clients.

Contact: Mr. Dionysios Solomos,


Rome, Italy

The international network for digital education.

Geeks Academy was founded to bridge the ever-widening skills gap and the consequent shortage of professional profiles in the fields of cyber security, computer coding, gaming, blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence.

It aims to train digital talents and get them ready to engage with an increasingly dynamic and competitive job market. The vision is broad and deeply human: we want to create a global community of geeks determined to turn their passion into a profession, their talent into a job.

Contact: Dr. Antonio Venece,


Bucharest, Romania

ANC acts as National Coordination Point for EQF (European Qualification Framework), Contact Point for ESCo (European Skills and Competence portal), Europass National Center and National Support Service for EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe). 

The ANC manages the National Register of Qualifications (RNC) and harmonizes European and national regulations in the field of qualifications and their recognition for increasing the mobility of the national workforce on the European market, according to the Treaty of Accession to the Union.

Contact: Mr. Catalin Silvestru,


Hannover, Germany

L3S is a research center for basic and applied research in the field of digital transformation and data and web science. L3S researchers develop innovative methods and information technologies for intelligent, reliable and responsible systems that contribute to successful digital transformation and sustainable  innovation. Transfer of knowledge in economy, politics and society is a central component of L3S activities.

L3S focuses also on the effects of digital change in order to derive options for action, recommendations and innovation strategies for business, politics and society from the findings. Through research, development and consulting, the L3S and its partners contribute to the digital transformation, especially in the areas of mobility, health, production and education.

Contact: Dr. Sergej Zerr,